Kids Ninja Charity Challenge FAQS

1. What if I want to run the course more than once?

We would love for you to run our obstacle challenge as many times as you want! After the official races are concluded we will have an Open Course run, this is not timed or scored, just a fun run for families.

Parents are welcome to join in the fun, as well as any children over the age of 5. (See question 5 for info on area for Ninjas under 5 yrs) There will be a $5 per person or $20 per family fee, paid on site (Cash Only!).  A waiver needs to be signed when registering for the open course.

Please NOTE:  You and your family must be registered for the Open Course by 3pm on Saturday, October 13th.   Registration for Open Course will be available throughout the day (during the other races) and will close at 3pm.  The Open Course run will begin at 4pm, or as soon as all competitive races are completed.

2. What time will I race?

  • Race times are tentative and while we will make every effort to adhere to our schedule, there are variables that may delay race times.

  • Participants are asked to arrive to Symmes Township Park at least one hour prior to their race start time.  It will take time to park and walk over and check in. There will be music and vendors available if you have time to spare.

3. What about pre-school age Ninjas who are too young to race?

Our race director is creating a “Little Ninjas” area with Ninja obstacles that are just the right size for pre-school age Ninjas.  This area is non-competitive and just for fun. There is also NO FEE for the Little Ninjas area. Parental supervision is required.

4. Do you have a refund Policy?

The race fee per participant is NOT refundable.  However, please remember that 100% of what is raised stays here locally to help NEST Community Learning Center.  NEST CLC provides healthy snacks, organized outdoor physical activities, homework help and targeted tutoring for many of the almost 1000 low-income students in our “own backyard”.

5. Can parents/family follow and watch kids on the course?

Absolutely! In fact, parents who would like to watch their kids up close can accompany them on the course for FREE – but may not give assistance or come in contact with the obstacles. For the safety of our participants, please follow all signage to be at a safe distance while following participants on the course.

6. When will we know who the winners are?

There is some math to do to figure out our winners (Ninja racing is a little different than other races!)  This year there will be a point system, each team will receive a number of points for each obstacle completed successfully, using time as a tie breaker. See below for details.  We plan to announce winners shortly after each age group have concluded their races.

And please remember, while we at NEST CLC love a competitive spirit, the Kids Ninja Charity Challenge is about kids doing something fun and helping out their peers at the same time.   Kids overcoming challenges for kids! We appreciate your support for our FUNdraiser!

Point System for Kids Ninja Charity Challenge 2018

Each team receives 1 attempt to complete obstacle

  • All 3 members of the team have to complete obstacle in order for team to receive points

  • Points will be rewarded as follows:

    • Team receives 3 points for completed obstacle by all 3 teammates with NO assistance from obstacle volunteers.  (However help from fellow teammates is allowed and encouraged!)

    • Team receives 2 points for completed obstacle by all 3 teammates WITH assistance from obstacle volunteers or teammates

    • Team receives 1 point for attempting but not completing the obstacle

    • Team receives 0 points for not completing the obstacle

  • Teams can decide to receive assistance or not, or pass obstacle to make up time, however any obstacle passed results in zero points for that obstacle

  • Team with the most points is the winner, time will be used as a tie breaker

7.  Where and when do I receive my Packet and Bib #?

Packet Pickups have been scheduled!  Your registration should be complete at before coming to packet pickup.  

Packet Pickup location:

Mathnasium located at 10673 Loveland-Madiera Road in Loveland

Packet Pickup #1 Friday, October 5th, 4-7pm

Packet Pickup #2  Saturday, October 6th, 2-5pm

Thank you to this year’s Packet Pickup Sponsor, Mathnasium-Loveland for hosting us and supporting NEST CLC!

Please follow the NEST Facebook page for up to date information on all things KIDS NINJA CHARITY CHALLENGE

8. What if I get hurt?

Our course is designed with safety as the number one priority. However, in the event an injury occurs, there will be a medical station onsite at the event.

9. How long will it take to finish the course?

This is hard to answer.  Finishing times depends on each team’s age, physical ability and ability to work well as a team. Most teams will finish within 45 minutes. As a reminder, no one on your team can be left behind at an obstacle.  You must stick together and help each other finish the course.

10. What should I bring to Kids Ninja Charity Challenge?

Please bring your bib number, worn on the front of your shirt, and a reusable water bottle! There will be food and merchandise vendors onsite, so we recommend packing some cash too!

11. Is there a time limit?

There’s no time limit. We want all participants to finish the course in a time that is safe and comfortable to them!

12. How hard is the course?

The N.E.S.T. Kids Ninja Charity Challenge is after all, a challenge. But it is also constructed to be safe for all ages and skill levels. You might find some obstacles challenging and others a piece of cake.

13. What should I wear?

You can wear your Ninja Race T-shirt or not wear it, your choice.  You will be running. You will be climbing. You will be crawling. So wear comfortable clothing that you can sweat in and don’t mind getting dirty.  Athletic clothes including running shoes are a must!

14. Do spectators have to pay?

No, spectators attending the Kids Ninja Charity Challenge are welcome for FREE!

15. What do I get when I run?

After crossing the finish line, the top scoring 3 teams from each age group for each category (girls, boys, Co-Ed teams) will receive a medal.  All participants will receive a ribbon celebrating the completion of the course, water, and a finish line snack, and - of course - bragging rights!

16. Will the race still happen if it is raining?

This race will run regardless of the weather. However, in the case of extreme weather events, the race may be canceled, postponed, or rescheduled, especially if the obstacles become unsafe for runners.  Our rain date, if necessary is Sunday, October 14th.  Please follow the NEST Facebook page for up to date info on event.

17. What does race day look like?

When you arrive at Kids Ninja Charity Challenge, start by heading to the registration tent to check in and get your race wristband, team scorecard and information. Once you’ve checked-in, pick up a course map, and check out our merchandise and food vendors while waiting for your start time to be called.

After you run the course, you will receive a medal and/or ribbon, water, and a finish line snack for your hard work. You can visit with our sponsors and vendors, watch other participants, or pay the $5.00/$20 re-run fee to run again during the Open Course.   See Question 1 for more information on the Open Course run.

 *** As a reminder, you should have already received your T-Shirt and your race bib number when you picked up your official Race Packet one week prior to the event.  See Question 9 for all packet pickup information***

18. I left something at the run, where can I find my lost items? Have other questions?

Please contact:  Emily Moran-