LEDIC Makes a Positive Impact on At-Risk Kids with a Donation to NEST Community Learning Center

NEST Community Learning Center, a new local Ohio non-profit, was the recipient recently of a generous donation of $10,000 from LEDIC Realty Company, the owner of Westover Village Apartments in Loveland.

The additional funding will be used to continue to expand the educational mission of NEST, providing on-site tutoring and homework help in a safe and nurturing environment for the low-income children in the Loveland area.


The need is growing.
NEST Community Learning Center is expanding to serve three sites in Loveland: Westover Village, MacArthur Park, and Chapelwood.

During the recent school year, NEST’s Targeted Tutoring and Homework Help program aided 110 school-aged children and, looking forward the need is even greater. With a growing number of referrals from the educators in the Loveland school district, NEST is working hard to continue to serve existing students while growing to serve additional at-risk children. The second year of NEST Summer Program tripled in size, growing from 62 children registered in 2016 to 184 children registered in 2017.

Donel Autin, Partner & CFO at North American Properties and a Board Member of NEST commented: “The volunteers at NEST are having an incredibly positive impact on the lives of these families and especially these children, helping them to break through barriers and improving their odds in a very challenging environment.  As a new community-based non-profit, support from individuals and businesses operating in our local area is critical to sustaining this program.  We are so appreciative of the recognition and generous support shown by the team at LEDIC Realty.”

“We are honored to partner with NEST to make a profound difference in the future . When dedicated volunteers invest time in developing people to grow into engaged citizens everyone benefits . NEST is a real treasure and it is our privilege to be a part of this effort” said W. Daniel Hughes, Chairman of LEDIC Realty Company.

Founded in 2016 in Loveland Ohio, NEST Community Learning Center is a comprehensive, targeted, community-based program that provides children in low-income communities with on-site homework help and targeted-tutoring services in order to improve educational outcomes, and therefore, achievement outcomes, for at-risk children.  Visit NESTclc.org to learn more.

About LEDIC Realty Company
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