Lots of Smiles THIS School Year

Last year whenever Emma talked about herself or school, it was always negative.  She would say that she wasn’t smart … would never succeed … and that she would never feel good about school.

The NEST volunteers at Chapelwood were determined to help Emma see herself through a different “life lens”.

NEST’s mobile classroom volunteers through the homework help program, worked with Emma emphasizing her strengths in a productive, organized homework routine, and not letting her quit. They encouraged her to be proud of her accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem. With NEST’s after school program, the kids can count on someone just as determined as they are to help them with whatever they may be struggling with.

This year, Emma is one big smile.  Her hard work and determination really paid off.  She is more confidant with school and finds her school work easier to manage.  She has been coming to next regularly this school year to stay on the right track.