About Us

Our Story

NEST (Nutrition, Education, Safety, Transformation) Community Learning Center (CLC) was founded in March 2016 with the mission to address academic and non-academic barriers that perpetuate the cycle of generational poverty in suburban communities. NEST CLC provides sound Nutrition and targeted Education in a Safe neighborhood environment to Transform the outcome of at-risk school-age children. Through its innovative mobile classroom, NEST delivers free, workable, proven programs and strategies to the suburban poor in their own “backyard” affording those it serves a fighting chance to change their futures.

NEST fosters student-school-parent-community relationships to improve outcomes for children:

  • Nutritious lunches during the summer months and healthy snacks during the school year
  • Targeted-tutoring services to close the academic gap
  • Homework help in a safe, caring environment within the neighborhood
  • Referrals to support resources for children and their families
  • Organized outdoor sports and activities

How does NEST change the outcomes for low-income children in our community?

Creates school/community connectedness by working cooperatively with children, parents, teachers, and schools

Addresses identified academic barriers to learning through free, targeted tutoring and homework-help programs, which are offered in a mobile learning center within the child’s own environment

Addresses non-academic barriers to education by providing a local resource for connecting children and their families to support agencies and services.

How is NEST Different?

NEST’s unique program is taking the services needed for at-risk children directly to them and providing it in their own “backyard.” Through its innovative MOBILE CLASSROOM, NEST delivers its after school program, Early Learners Program, and its Summer “Lunch, Learn, & Play” program and has become a visible, long-term, trusted partner in the lives of those in need.

NEST collaborates with the district school system, its teachers, administrators, and specialists to extend their academic reach beyond the classroom walls.