Meet the Judges!

Elonzo Coppins

Owner and Coach at Fully Loaded Dance Studio

Elonzo Coppins, owner of Fully Loaded Dance Studio, is an accomplished Cincinnati professional dancer and actor, and a hip hop choreographer for over 25 years. He has been blessed to work on videos, appear on television and in films but his greatest accomplishment is passing his skills on to the youth by opening Fully Loaded Dance Studio.  They are currently 2021 World Champions in Hip Hop Dance!!!

Annette Friesner

Owner Saw Pilates, Loveland

Annette with her husband, Andy, are business owners here in Loveland.  They own SAW Pilates which has won best pilates studio in 2019 & 2020 with CityBeat.  SAW Pilates is newly renovated and also has an event space on the first floor.  They enjoy renovating local buildings and discussing “new business ideas” locally here in Loveland.

They keep busy outside of work as parents to Silas, 12, Abe, 11, and Wren, 7. They love watching them play soccer, lacrosse and basketball! They also have 2 dogs, Gary & Opal who they enjoy walking on the trail. Life is full and crazy, but they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Emilie La Rosa

Owner/Creative Director of Broadway Bound Dance Studio, Loveland

Emilie received a BA in Dance Management from the acclaimed Oklahoma City University’s School of Dance and Arts Management. Upon receiving her degree, she moved to New York City where she studied at Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway. She danced with several companies including Peggy Spina Tap Company, Tap Fusion, and the New Jersey Tap Ensemble where she served as managing director. She performed at several venues including the Duke Theater and Town Hall.  Emilie is the owner and creative director of Broadway Bound Dance Academy located on Loveland Madeira Road.  BBDA has proudly been serving the Loveland community for almost 18 years by fostering the love of dance in children ages two and up.  BBDA offers classes in all genres of dance including Acro and is home of an award winning competition dance team.  Visit for more information!

Cassie Mattia

Co-Owner Loveland Magazine

Cassie Mattia is a resident at the Loveland Station Apartments in the heart of Downtown Loveland. She is 32 years old and the Co-Owner of Loveland Magazine as well as a Personal Trainer and Director of Marketing for Vibe Fitness Loveland. She is the oldest of 6 and is from a very competitive yet passionate Italian family. She has two dogs, Dean and Nala, and a boyfriend of 5 years named Adam Ploof. She has many passions in life and it’s always a struggle to narrow them down to just a few so here are her top 10; writing, broadcast journalism, her community, her siblings, her circle of friends, running, lifting weights, nutrition, Veganism, and animals. She also loves our environment and will stop at nothing to make difference in this world. One of her hidden talents is singing and dancing which is why she is so excited to be a part of Dancing With The Stars! Her goal in life is to be as successful as she can possibly be so that she can take care of those that she loves. She can’t wait to see what the future holds for her in both journalism and the fitness industry and often lives by this specific quote that she wrote many years ago, “Never live out your life or dreams for someone else. Once you fully understand your worth you will not only feel happiness you will gain the confidence to achieve everything.”

Shawn Miller

Show Choir Director, Loveland City Schools

Shawn is in his 26th year of teaching vocal music in the Loveland City School District. In his time at Loveland he has directed 46 theater productions, over 100 concerts, numerous show choir performances and coached cross country. The Loveland Show Choir groups have been recognized across the country for their continued excellence. In 2013 they won the Show Choir Nationals contest in Nashville, TN and placed second in the Fame National finals in Chicago in 2015. In 2017, he received the Nationals Directors Award at Show Choir Nationals in the Grand Ole Opry.

Shawn has been married to his wife Stacey for 23 years and is proud to have called Loveland home since 2005.  They are the proud parents of Paige and Gavin. Paige is in her fourth year at The Ohio State University studying biology and Gavin is a freshman at Ohio University.


Nick Winnenberg

Nick attended Ohio University in Athens where he met his wife, Rami, on their first day of college.  They were best friends for years before they eventually, inevitably, started dating and then married in July 2017.  Nick and Rami competed in last year’s Dancing with the Stars as one of our married couples. Rami was 16 weeks pregnant at that time and their son, Leon, was born in March 2020.

Nick works in a family staffing firm in Eastgate and is very active in the community. Nick is on the Board of Directors of NEST Community Learning Center and sits on several other boards and committees.  They live in the Hearthstone neighborhood, near the Oasis. Living with them is 2 cats (Kahlua and Tali), 2 dogs (Hargird and Luna), and Rami’s brother while he is on break from college.”