Meet the Pros!

Bonita Brockert

Bonita started her classical training on scholarship with the Pennsylvania Fine Arts Program for Gifted Students where she studied ballet and contemporary dance. She danced with the Dick Wilson Afro Cuban Dance Company and crossed over into ballroom dance at 19.

She is a three time United States Finalist, Vice Champion in Ballroom and U.S. Bronze medalist in Rhythm. She toured internationally with Dancing Nights and performed in Osaka, Japan, with guest performances for Fashion Aide Japan, and in the U.S. for The American Ballroom Company, Joffrey Ballet’s collaboration with Attila Glatz Concert Productions, and Cincinnati Pops.

She has choreographed for PBS specials, Columbus Foundation,  and various other convention and promotional events.

Bonita served on the Arthur Murray International Dance Board, as Regional Dance Director, and on the creative team for the company’s exhibition syllabus. She is a National Ballroom judge with a Fellowship in the five disciplines of ballroom dance.

Maura Clements

Professional Dancer, Teacher & Coach, Chef

Maura started ballroom dancing at the age of 4 in the small, picturesque city of Brindisi in Southern Italy. It all started with watching the Italian version of Dancing With The Stars and falling in love with everything she saw, from the dancing to the sparkly dresses.

Once she started her dance journey, Maura found her biggest challenge was to find a partner. Unsurprisingly, it was difficult to find a boy interested in ballroom dancing. But with a little luck and promise of candy + homework help, it worked. With her partner of 10 years, Maura accomplished great results in competitions all over Italy and Europe.

Her love of all things dance saw Maura through many challenges both on and off the floor, including bullying in her adolescence. However her passion grew stronger than ever during these tough times and drove her to become an Italian Ballroom Dance Champion in the International Standard division.

To further pursue her dance career, Maura moved to the United States four years ago where she has since expanded her repertoire to now include American Smooth and Rhythm. Adapting to this new lifestyle, and a new language, has presented an exciting new challenge for her.

But, for her dance passion, Maura would do anything… and that’s exactly what she’s done!

Jenna Schroeder

Jenna Schroeder has been teaching dance and group fitness in the Cincinnati area for over a decade. She has taught ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, yoga and Latin dancing to age ranges from preschool to adult. Jenna has enjoyed choreographing and dancing for numerous community events such as the Loveland Initiative’s Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations, CDA’s Praise Him in the Park, Loveland’s Elementary Cheerleading halftime shows, and inspirational pieces for Northstar church. You can find Jenna performing on stage at the Loveland Stage Company where she recently played the character of “Lisa” in Mamma Mia, and she also enjoys dancing in the flash mobs with Cincinnati Ballet’s Dancefix. She lives in Loveland with her husband Eric, their four children, dog and 3 chickens. 

Maria Tsorokean

A lifelong resident of Cincinnati, Maria is the oldest of five. Even though her time in the ballroom is relatively recent, she has been dancing since she was less than 3 ft. tall and wore a tiny pink tutu. Trained in ballet, tap, jazz, clogging, and modern, Maria is no stranger to leotards and foot blisters. Secretly, she is also a bit of a nerd.  Before she made dance her full-time career, she was a math teacher.  Maria and her partner Alyenendrov teach out of their Colerain studio – Phoenix Rising Latin & Ballroom. They met while dancing, partnered, opened a studio, started dating, and have now been married for 3 months!  They compete internationally in Cabaret and are International HSC Professional Cabaret Champions (2016 & 2017), US Open Cabaret Champions (2016-2018), USA Grand National Dance Championships Cabaret winners (2017-2019), and Ohio Star Ball Champions 2018. 

Alyendrov Tsorokean

Majoring in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, Alyenendrov initially planned to work with the Cincinnati Ballet in a medical capacity. However, after taking an elective class in college to fulfill a PE requirement (he was a track & field star, a decorated wrestler, and a black belt in Judo), he discovered his life’s passion for dance. So he decided to make ballroom his career, dropped out of college, & began training in Cincinnati twelve hours a day, determined to make his dream a reality.  It was during this training that he met a girl named Maria…who is now his professional partner and wife. Alyenendrov is the proud owner of Phoenix Rising Latin & Ballroom (located in the Northgate Mall).  Alyen and Maria are International HSC Professional Cabaret Champions (2016 & 2017), US Open Cabaret Champions (2016-2018), USA Grand National Dance Championships Cabaret winners (2017-2019), and Ohio Star Ball Champions 2018. 

Christian Graff

Christian was first introduced to Ballroom Dancing at a community college in high school for Physical Education credits. It was here the spark was first lit.

Christian went on to continue his education at Cedarville University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. Continuing his education, Christian earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Wright State University.

Fast forward several years when the dormant spark truly burst into flame when a good friend invited Christian to Phoenix Rising Latin and Ballroom for a social dance party. Upon meeting the owners, he shared his desire to pursue ballroom dancing competitively and that desire remains strong to this day.

His achievements include 2018 Michigan Dance Challenge Argentine Tango Championship Finalist, 2018 Cleveland Dancesport Challenge Best of the Best Theatre Arts Winner, and 2018 Ohio Star Ball Best of the Best Theatre Arts Finalist.

When he is not dancing, Christian enjoys cooking, entertaining friends and family, watching movies, and listening to Skillet, Nightwish, and Three Days Grace.